[PS4] h:Sale of my 2nd char w:Lead and steel mix offers

2021.11.27 07:57 Kiroazog2204 [PS4] h:Sale of my 2nd char w:Lead and steel mix offers

Hi I am saling some items of my 2nd char. And I need some lead/steel mixed offers for it :-)
B 25ffr ghost lvl 50 fixer
Jugg 50cr 90 rw lvl 50 fixer
Gourmand 50vhc 15 Fr lvl 50 fixer
Gourmand Explo 90 rw lvl 50 fixer
Jugg 50cr 15 Fr lvl 50 fixer
AA Explo ghost lvl 50 lmg
AA ss 1 trength lvl 45death tambourine
Aa Explo lvl 50 Gatling gun 2 star only
Bloodie 25ffr 250 dmr lvl 45 mini gun
B 25ffr 90rw plasma Pistol lvl 45
B 25 ffr 15 Fr pumpgun
Mutant 25aim 90rw lmg lvl 50
Vampire Explo 90 lvl 45 10 mm Pistol
Vampire 25ffr 250 dmr ultracite Gatling Laser LVL 45
Vampire 25aim 15fr handmade lvl 45
N 25ffr 250 dmr flamer lvl 50
Double combat shotgun legacy
Q 50vhc 25lvc pump gun lvl 45
Chameleon ap refresh sneak left arm scout lvl 50
Mutant ap refresh wwr right arm trapper lvl 45
Mutant ap refesh wwr scout chest lvl 50
Vanguard 1endurance wwr scout chest lvl 50
Vanguard ap refresh wwr right leg combat lvl 40!
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2021.11.27 07:57 clip_mirror_bot Mizkif :blush:

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2021.11.27 07:57 BadlyMe The new variant and the pandemic

With news of this recent variant coming out, it just seems like we are never ever going to get out of this. I have done my part, I’ve gotten vaccinated, complied by all shut down regulations, and have avoided travelling and crowded areas as much as I can. But to completely alter life and sacrifice such a significant part of my early 20s, and have no payoff in sight is just debilitating and incredibly depressing. The worst part of it is that close from family member of mine is anti-vax and I have been arguing with them for MONTHS about the importance of vaccines and regulations. As soon as news of this variant emerged my family member immediately relished in the fact that that it proves that vaccines are futile, because if their main goal is to protect us and help return us back to somewhat normal, they have failed time and time again. And that no matter what we do they will always be regulations and variants that will restrict us. I don’t have a strong science background so I don’t even have the energy or knowledge to refute their claims or argue with them anymore and I just feel so devastated, and I know they feel vindicated. Does anyone else feel the same and can they maybe recommend any strategies they’ve used to help cope with this immense stress?
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2021.11.27 07:57 DmDaxxon Sex Cult Protocol - Fire-O-Sexual. My first grindcore project. Always wanted to be a metal singer and this is the first time I've recorded any screaming. Would really appreciate any feedback on it, especially for the vocals.

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2021.11.27 07:57 RLCD-Bot [Titanium White Dominus] [Neural Network] [Pink Fractal Fire] [Pink Enjin: Roasted] [Titanium White Corbital]

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2021.11.27 07:57 EnoughLifeguard5180 [place title here]

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2021.11.27 07:57 NuttyNutworks I'm really loving my home assistant and I have so many automation ideas, but I suck at programming. Making a new automation with the template system is one thing, but it's pretty limited... Where do I even start to learn?

Tried NodeRed yesterday and event though I know it's extremely powerful I just can't figure it out.
Like I want to build a simple automation where 3 hue lights around the house flash 3 times when my front door sensor is triggered, but I just can't seem to work it out.
Does anyone have any idea what I should start with to learn the language?
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2021.11.27 07:57 MrBublee_YT Do people know of the origin of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's name or do they just assume that it's a nickname?

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2021.11.27 07:57 Usual-Honeydew-8817 Physical silver and gold are the biggest naked shorts in the world due too jpm fake futures contracts

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2021.11.27 07:57 hippie_lady M. J. Harmony -- Nova Zemlja [New Age] (2021)

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2021.11.27 07:57 NiceCasualRedditGuy Reforging sounds*

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2021.11.27 07:57 ttbayt WHY ARE THERE SO MANY PRO VAXX (Widespread) PEOPLE HERE

To the point of supporting the government trying to deny people their rights and liberties and force them to take the vaccine. We have countries giving us the astrazeneca vaccine that is rarely to never used because of its side effects and has been banned in some countries but here is the government still dishing it out in mass.
Now new information is saying that the vaccines effects aren't permanent and regular boosters will be required especially for people with weaker immune systems, not to mention we don't even have enough vaccines
The only people who urgently need the vaccine are the ones at high risk, like the elderly and people with underlying conditions, the mortality rate for young adults is very low, like what 0.2% if you get young healthy adults it will plummet even further down.
How about we take more time in studying and perfecting the vaccines before mass pumping them to the masses, most of whom don't really need it, like literally how every other vaccine is manufuctured.
Now let me give you a good example to demonstrate the stupidity we are witnessing, over the last 1 year and 9 months we have had 254,904 cases of covid and 5,332 deaths recorded, in contrast each year there are 3.5 million new clinical cases of malaria and 10,700 deaths, is the government enforcing mandatory malaria vaccines? Is there even a drive to vaccinate people, is there information and paranoia being spread with the same magnitude.
So many sheep will just bend over and let the government do what it wants
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2021.11.27 07:57 Bettylovescrypto ⚠️ Scheduled release at blockheight 1000000 ⚠️ Compose update of FluxOS!

FluxOS v3.0 Compose is the biggest update to FluxOS ever!
Compose update allows deploying of composed, complex applications on the network.
Infrastructure such as complex explorers, blockbooks, electrumx servers, nodes can now Run on Flux. Complex website, forum, UI with backend, that all can now Run on Flux!
Multiple components of an application allow you to simplify your app development and be more consistent with upkeep and maintenance.
All nodes will be autoupdated on 24 hours before blockheight fork.

Welcome to 1M block of Flux! 🔥

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2021.11.27 07:57 klingpin Apple Watch Latest Attempt

After reading a few users complaints about the Apple Watch Audible App, I decided to go back and listen to one book. I try this periodically, and see if it's finally ready for prime time.
Like previous attempts, getting the book to actually sync was an adventure. It took two days. Yes, I put the watch on the charger and kept the phone nearby. No clue what makes the process go and stop so much.
Once the book was loaded, I listened to the first chapter. Each chapter in this book is approximately an hour. So far so good. Then the second chapter ended. The app just stopped. I pressed play again, and it returned to the middle of the chapter I had just listened to.
I used the app to get to the start of chapter 3 and listened again. Great. Things were going ok.
Then I listened to a bit on my phone as my wireless headphones needed to recharge. The phone was off by over a chapter as to the current location. So, again, I had to set my location by hand.
The next day, headphones recharged, I tried to resume. Now the results got hard to deal with. The watch, like the phone, was not accurate as to where the phone last left off. Then a chapter finished and I had to try to manually set my location. The app would not let me do this. It kept reporting No Content. The app wouldn't do anything. But, I could press play on the headphones and it would continue where it thought the correct location was. From here on out, I can't fast forward, change chapters, use the app to start/stop. It kept losing location at the end of a chapter.
This is where I gave up.
During this experiment, I used my Apple Watch to listen to Apple Radio during a run. This may or may not have been caused by Audible, but Apple Radio would not work randomly reporting that there was not internet connection even though I was receiving texts and other app notifications. I've had this happen before, but the fact that it came back on my first run after using the Audible app was suspicious. I only bring this up because I'd love to know if others see this.
So, the verdict. It's better than what it was (for me), but it's still nowhere near usable. It appears that once you try to listen on another device, all bets are off. I'll try again when I get to the next book, and try not to pollute the test with phone interaction.
Audible: Why can't you make this app work? As a developer, I'd be ashamed giving this to my customers. This has been going on since I got my watch a year and a half ago. I get bugs every so often, but this has never worked.
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2021.11.27 07:57 lokiblackcat Incredible lack of features

I just made my first page with Divi, not by choice.
I am really surprised by the poorness of the builder. Some, non exhaustive, examples:
- I can't put a menu and tell it *not* to become an hamburger on mobile. What really? You can do it with 5 lines of css but you were too lazy?
- I can't have anything different than an ugly dropdown as mobile menu, i can't remember anything so ugly since 10 years.
- I can't align things with flexbox like alignments without using custom css. Seriously?
- I can't even tab properly, cmd+tab is captured to change tab for some reason.
- New sections have some misterious padding that's not indicated until you override it. A placeholder was too difficult to place?
- Any documentation make heavy use of custom css, elegant (lol) themes are the first one that can't do shit with their builder.
So yeah, I find Divi really embarassing. I suggest you to try something else. I'm not a fan of visual builders but really anything else i ever used since 4 years is better than this.
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2021.11.27 07:57 Lightning-demon Egg_irl

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2021.11.27 07:57 owOwestOwo_2020 ah yes, a rec room video and a rec room ad

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2021.11.27 07:57 OlivieZizkova My silver snail earrings just arrived 😍

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2021.11.27 07:57 MoniMokshith 🔥 Faroe, Islands

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2021.11.27 07:57 DjaeMi1984 Profile for Mi band 6, DjaeMi1984

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2021.11.27 07:57 Leo_eyo What Apex legends players think when a Legend cooldown is more than 10 sec.

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2021.11.27 07:57 Background-Cash5111 [IV] Quick ? About slammin this dope

Just picked up a shirt. One solid ass shard. Im hoping someone knows the kind Im talkin- its solid, not overly difficult to bust apart, and when you do break it, it smells like acetone or chemicals or some shit. Ive heard of people doing washes, but this is solid and smells when it is broken apart. Idk if that matters. Anyways, now that I put this shit in my veins I have to question everything-

  1. does the chemical scent necessarily mean that it is that much more caustic?
  2. Is it thumbs up for the slammin??
  3. Are my already trashed veins going to disintegrate lickedy split when i run up a 1:1 22ish unit backload shot??? So much vein anxiety.
Also- yes i am backloading. I dont think its necessary to qtip filter a shot of meth that came from a solid piece… decent reasoning?
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2021.11.27 07:57 RealGeezar Selling Papers + Logins + Notes

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2021.11.27 07:57 BIS_F2P HAINEKO Limited Summon + SODE No ShiraYuki WEAPON AWAKENING!!!

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2021.11.27 07:57 backupfridge what was your last dream about?

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