What gave you the courage to do the stupidest thing that you ever did?

2021.10.21 01:13 AffectionateReturn93 What gave you the courage to do the stupidest thing that you ever did?

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2021.10.21 01:13 ImpressionKind8621 Got her video too you guys 💪🏽

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2021.10.21 01:13 PunjabDa My Wallet 🤝 Perfume Sellers

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2021.10.21 01:13 chai-latte- i finally got to stuff my pumpkin spice bear in store! i named her ginnie because of her ginger fur!

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2021.10.21 01:13 Xx_Alexo_xX Should I ask for a letter of recommendation from a Master’s Student?

I am planning to ED to a school, and I also lucky to have an excellent mentor who is the lab manager of my lab but is also a masters student at my ED school. I have worked with her for many hours over the course of the past 8 months and she knows me and my project well; she can vouch for my self-interest and commitment to the lab. However, I have only talked to the PI of my lab twice in real life, so I did not ask for a letter of recommendation from him. Lately though, I am wondering if I made a mistake since the PI has a PhD unlike the grad student. Or is the grad student I’m asking a letter of recommendation from the better choice since she knows me better, is still qualified since she is lab manager, and is already at my ED school?
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2021.10.21 01:13 mcjazzy50 Think I've encountered a bug.

So I match with a girl yesterday ,waited awhile to receive message,she either unmatched or blocked me. Whatever, but then randomly today at work I got a notification to extend her time.
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2021.10.21 01:13 low_viscosity_rayon Brooke Sriracha has one of the best post show careers after the show.

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2021.10.21 01:13 Character-Ad2562 🔥

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2021.10.21 01:13 Woonasty This is the actual 1st result

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2021.10.21 01:13 Shot-Border2094 Am I over reacting?

Yesterday we had lakshmi puja at our home. Everything was going on with perfection. And then basically the priest asks for a cigarette. So i thought how the hell it is going to be there in our house? It turns out that he was asking someone to buy it for him. My mother asks me to go and get it. I firmly said a no. I was very uncomfortable. Then she starts saying " You will never do any work. When I tell you to bring grocery you make faces and don't want to go" Bruh I make faces but I never said a no for grocery. I kinda try to tell her in hints that I don't want to buy the cigarettes basically. If it was something else I would have done it. Then my naniji starts saying "what is the big deal? " Anyway I had to go. When I come home I feel horrible. I am feeling so overwhelmed at this point. I have always regarded cigarettes as shameful be it for men or women. It is like my boundary. I feel so weird after touching the packet. All the time my mom was saying you were too sensitive. I don't know man I feel horrible right now.
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2021.10.21 01:13 NoUserName2022 My First Job Horror Story

Some background: I was 17 at the time of this experience and quite frankly it still terrifies me till this very day. It is also good to note that this was my first job and i was far from being a out going person at that time.
It was the beginning of spring the trees were beginning to return to there natural color the leaves returning to the once bare branches of the hollow trees that stood at the property line of the gas station that changed my life forever. I was 17 at the time and i was a very shy kid i never liked talking to people so getting a job at a gas station was never the best idea.
I never liked night time as strange stuff happened in my town at night that know one could really explain so when my boss asked me to work a 4 pm to a 11 pm shift i was more then upset to say the least. However being that it was my first ever job and i wanted to keep it i said yes little did i know this would be the worst mistake i could ever make.
The first part of the shift i would say 4 to 8 was relatively normal and went by without incident things started to get weird however when the usual 1 customer every 30 minutes started. Now ever since i started working here i experienced my fair share of weird occurrence's but nothing could prepare me for what was coming my way.
The next hour went by with the occasional weird awkwardly silent customer coming in every now and then that soon changed however when i was approaching my short break. I wanna say it was about 9:45 pm when a black SUV pulled up to the pumps now usually i wouldn't notice a car at the pumps and let alone pay much attention to it as this is a gas station after all, However this one caught my attention with all black windows and what looked to be snow kicked up on the side of the SUV.
This was weird for 2 reasons 1 it was spring and there was no snow on the ground and 2 we were 12 miles from the under pass that led up to the nearest mountain that had snow. I do not know about you but i wouldn't travel 12 miles to a gas station for gas when there's one 5 miles back. Before i could give it another thought the person was already at the front door entering the store wearing what looked to be summer clothes definitely not winter suited attire.
He looked to be in his mid to late 20's and wore a tank top with jeans that looked like they barely fit him and a truckers cap tucked over his face. He approached the counter slowly as if he was nervous to approach me and with a low toan he said "30 on pump 2 and this drink" I gave him his total and without saying a word he turned to leave as he did though something caught his attention that sent him running back to his SUV.
I turned to look out the big glass window we had and i saw it there in front of his SUV stood a man in all black with a black hat and one of those black plague doctor masks on. The man yelled at him "Hey get away from my car" The figure in the mask kept staring at me through the window as the man got closer a lighting bold hit the ground lighting the man on fire and the figure disappeared after the strike of lighting hit the man.
Screams could be heard from the man as he fell to the ground in pain trying to put him self out. I ran to the fire extinguisher we had on the wall and running to the man however before i got to him i was thrown back on to my side from a blast the pumps had exploded and then it hit me i never turned off the pumps and the man ran into the pumps on fire.
The store was gone at this point and fire crews arrived but they couldn't save the building and as far as the man goes they couldn't find his body however what they did find was eve more bone chilling a body of a 13 year old girl was found burned alive in the trunk of what was left of that SUV. It turned out that he kid napped her from the mountains and to this day i say that figure was his justice.
I moved away since then and as far as i know they never rebuilt that gas station i believe its part of the woods now that surrounded the place over taken by vines grass and trees. And as for the figure well i never saw him again.
Hey friends so my college horror story did not get much love even tho it really happened as well as this experience really did happen i never went back there and i never will but weird things still happen there even today from ghost drivers to weird disappearances they all happen in that small town that shall not be named until next story stay safe and happy Halloween.
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2021.10.21 01:13 DingsDongEmporium Where are you people?

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2021.10.21 01:13 Sadboy_looking4memes We subjecting our grandparents to torture so we can make prison is a paradise.

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2021.10.21 01:13 lhblackwell (Trigger warning)

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2021.10.21 01:13 AcD07 Retook my SapplyValues, basically the same though I expected to get more towards authcenter

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2021.10.21 01:13 sicilianlem0n Topamax for mood stabilizer

I started taking 25 mg topamax for two weeks and then upped it to 50 mg for two weeks as a mood stabilizer. It’s helped a lot. My only issue is that I sometimes have problems thinking of specific words. Does anyone have any positive experiences of this going away after a certain amount of time? Or anything that helped them deal with this? I have no intention of upping my dosage. I just feel like my reaction time is very slow. I work a job where memory recall is very important. Are they any medications that help with this side effect? I have an appointment coming up in a little over two weeks and i plan on discussing this with my psychiatrist. Thanks in advance for any advice!
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2021.10.21 01:13 Correct-Ad-9951 Is the Tower from fear The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead Saints and sinners connected

In multiple scenes throughout Fear the Walking Dead season seven we can hear people referring to the place as the Tower. And since the location of the Tower is close to Louisiana in someway You could in for that both of those places may be connected. I believe this to be so and could explain why in the game there where infected walkers is the radius short of spread and infected these walkers.
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2021.10.21 01:13 throwaway6667776 Trying to make meringue out of Aqua Fava. Besides being too close together.... are they supposed to spread out like that? Or did I not beat them long enough?

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2021.10.21 01:13 JTSpaghet Fr you can’t be a middle aged man and still act like your young that shit is cringe

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2021.10.21 01:13 AffectionateDream591 Any advice to start doing legs and glutes workout?

I’ve been doing some exercises using resistance bands for my legs and glutes. And recently I heard that you have to eat more if you want to see your glutes and legs grow, you also have to use weights. Do you think it’s better to use dumbbells or kettlebell? What about the food, while I eat healthier and do weights it won’t affect my abs? If you’ve been trying to get stronger legs and glutes, can you tell me your advice? I would really appreciate it:)
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2021.10.21 01:13 Adastraultraque Exquisite

One More Year has one of the most exquisite and tasteful introductions not only to an album, but a song. For any fellow synthetics, has your experience been enhanced and engrained with this tour or has it stayed pure to the synesthesia from the studio versions upon release, or perhaps it’s a delightful balance between the two. My original visions yielded a music festival in some galaxy far away, and seeing the red moon rise behind the boys on stage just made me happy I was on somewhat of a right track for that song. Very much looking forward to hearing it again in a couple weeks :)
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2021.10.21 01:13 No_Ad_6098 Are we falling out of love or are we just numbing ourselves?

Before I start, we both are very young, this is my first relationship and I think her 3rd. If you're one of those people who think that young relationships don't matter anyway then please don't feel the need to comment anything, this is all emotionally draining for both of us and I just want to know how to fix it, thanks.
Me (15m) and my girlfriend (15f) haven't been together long, it's only been about 2 months and a few weeks now.
I'll be honest here, this is the first REAL relationship I've been in and it's been amazing so far, every time we would be near each other it was always hugging and laughing and all good times, but then last weekend happened. I had been doing what could only be described as some form of cheating online with someone else, even though I didn't understand the severity of it and didn't really consider it cheating. To me at the time, cheating was secretly dating someone else while also dating your current S/O, I didn't really think what I was doing was cheating, I thought that being flirty with someone online and sending usually sexual messages was more just kinda weird, obviously, I was a dumbass because this is clearly cheating but for some reason, I didn't think twice until a few days after when I started feeling some horrible twisting feeling in my stomach. This, was the feeling of guilt. As the days went on it was getting so terribly bad I would cry for hours before bed and then just fall asleep and then wake up and cry again and then fall asleep over and over until eventually, it was morning. I decide enough of this BS and just told her, she basically left me there after yelling how I betrayed her trust and everything which is 100% true, I don't want anyone to think that I feel what I did was okay or acceptable because that's so far from the truth. If I thought it was okay I wouldn't have even felt guilty in the first place and if I knew what I did was so severe and would hurt anyone this much I would have never even thought of doing it. But like I said, I'm not saying what I did was okay.
Anyway, after about 2 hours after she left me, she came back and said she changed her mind and that she wanted to try to work things out together. I was so so so overjoyed and happy I was practically bouncing in my seat and I went to bed happy as hell and smiling because the thought of having the person I loved most forgive me and take me back was such a good, refreshing feeling.
Then I woke up...and when I thought of them I felt absolutely nothing...not happy...just felt kinda like I was gonna throw up. Every time I thought about them I would either feel very sad, very nervous or absolutely nothing. The thought of hugging them didn't make me feel anything like it did just last night when I went to bed. I didn't tell them this at first because one, I thought it would go away pretty soon, and two, honestly I wouldn't get excited or happy talking to them like I did the day before, I just felt sad or sick.
Now I thought this would go away, but it didn't, in fact, it got worse.
It's been a few days, now whenever I see her in person like at school, I feel pretty happy, i feel like everything is normal again, but as soon, and I mean AS SOON as I get home everything goes to shit, Whenever I think of them I feel nothing, whenever I text them I feel sick, I feel like I've truly fallen out of love, and I end up just keeping to myself not talking to anyone all day. Then I wake up and go to school and as soon as I see them I feel happy I feel like everything is normal again, but then I go home and feel like I don't love them anymore.
I don't know if I fell out of love and am just convincing myself I still have feelings or if I'm just kinda in shock or something and it's hard to feel things right now. I feel completely disconnected from her when I get home but happy when I see her in person. It's all so confusing. I told her about this and she says she's been feeling the same way. We decided to get an appointment with a school counsellor to see wtf is going on because we have no idea and we can't take it anymore.
If any of you know what's going on please let me know because I have a very good feeling this school counsellor won't know either.
Thanks a lot,
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2021.10.21 01:13 ravgeet Convert Notion to an RSS Feed Reader - Free and Open Souce

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2021.10.21 01:13 alphyatkins I miss mausspace

what do?
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2021.10.21 01:13 Mystogen58 How does rengar otp make this champ work s11?

How does some players manage to climb with only playing rengar. I feel he is very situationel pick that you cant play every game. How do you play him vs Bruisers/tanks and when thay have alot of cc or shield champs like lulu/janna.
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