2021.11.27 08:57 RandomtheRandomFox #2:Memes

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2021.11.27 08:57 Dat_fast_boi A different take on a "dragon" banner (swipe for recipes)

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2021.11.27 08:56 kate5251 Light Sky, Dark Land

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2021.11.27 08:56 PanH4rd_Wint3R Get a life flatearthers

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2021.11.27 08:56 Fr1sk3r ABC’s Jonathan Karl Issues Stark Warning About Covering Trump 2024 | The "Betrayal" author broke down why reporting on a third Trump run for president would be “tremendously challenging."

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2021.11.27 08:56 hayrynenyooper We have seen this before. Good excuse to print more $.

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2021.11.27 08:56 _vanillahazelnut_ What's your most and least favourite subject in school and why?

My fav subject is English since it is my country's second language and I think English is really interesting. My least fav subject is history because it's boring and in my opinion, it has nothing to do with the present.
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2021.11.27 08:56 serrutu I wish that no matter what, every single zoophile out there will suffer no matter what

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2021.11.27 08:56 SchlesingerMindy323 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in AK Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Omni Logistics Ground Service Equipment Maintenance Mechanic Fairbanks
Favorite Healthcare Staffing Surgical First Assistant CSFA OR (Contract) Ketchikan
Alaska General Seafoods Naknek Seafood Processor 2022 Naknek
Leader Creek Fisheries Seafood Processor 2022 Naknek
White Spruce Trailer Sales Inc Trailer Lot Technician North Pole
Armstrong-Keta Hatchery Technician/ Fish Culturist Port Armstrong
Carrs- Wasilla, AK Night Stocker Wasilla
North Star Fishing Company Seafood Processor (On Commercial Fishing Vessel) Unalaska
Local Business House Cleaning Positions Open at $16 - $52/Hour Bethel
TSA (Transportation Security Administration) Transportation Security Officer (TSO) Cordova
Curative Family Practice Physician Dillingham
Aarons Customer Accounts Advisor Eielson AFB
Pae Air Force Base Operations Manager Eielson AFB
Pae NWROS Threats Manager Eielson AFB
Local Business House Cleaning Positions Open at $16 - $52/Hour Juneau
Silver Bay Seafoods Rolling Stock Mechanic Kodiak
Pae AFB Threat Systems Manager North Pole
Global Medical Response Registered Nurse - Emergency Services Nuiqsut
DAL Global Services, LLC Unifi Part Time Seasonal Customer Service Agent ($13/hour + Flight Privileges) Sitka
Providence CNA - Long Term Care Valdez
Lockheed Martin LRDR Systems Administration and Network Support with Security Clearance Anderson
ASRC Federal Satellite Communications, Gateway, Telemetry & Command Technicia with Security Clearance Anderson
UICGS and Bowhead Family of Companies Stock Technician with Security Clearance Barrow
UICGS and Bowhead Family of Companies ARM Operator with Security Clearance Barrow
UICGS and Bowhead Family of Companies Expeditor with Security Clearance Barrow
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in ak. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2021.11.27 08:56 Maleficent_Mall_3770 are DOI reference searches possible?

Is there

  1. a way to get all DOI numbers of all referenced papers for a paper?
  2. is there a way to do a similar but reverse search, where one one supplies DOI of a paper and gets back DOI of all papers that reference back to it?
  3. is there a way to do same searches for scientific books that reference to research papers?
i really need these features to do my research efficiently/possible, any clue on how i can achieve this? any hints in the right direction are appreceited.
submitted by Maleficent_Mall_3770 to labrats [link] [comments]

2021.11.27 08:56 kareem0101 “Proof” that Amado lied. [Theory]

Amado is sis. We all know that. What’s more interesting is finally finding something that says that he’s more of a bad guy than a good one.
Here you go:

amado says he’d break easily against code if he was kidnapped, however, it doesn’t seem to be the case for me. Take a look at what he can do


amado can always use that fork to make anyone sleep. If the fork can’t work, he must have some way to deactivate/make code sleep. So he has two ways to escape if code ever kidnapped him.

so instead of telling naruto that code isn't a danger to him, Amado convinces naruto that code must die. This eventually leads for a Code vs Naruto fight. Code, who is weaker than Jigen with limiters, will face a nerfed Naruto. The obvious outcome is that Naruto will suffer somehow, which later make kawaki feel useless without karma. Let alone what would happen to the village, boruto, or kawaki himself.

Kawaki will later accept Amado's karma. I want to make one thing clear: It is not about Kawaki. Amado is clearly a big fan of a karma that gives you years of combat experience. something that he can never achieve. His best cyborg isn't even close to Code, who has a natural, pure, non-vessel karma. The idea is fascinating. Create a tool that would turn a genin into a god tier level, without any risk of losing him.

You can say: *but the kara members are kage level*. They are not. Boro was defeated by kids. Deepa was defeated by kids. Naruto toyed with Delta. Eida has no experience in taijutsu (Makes me wonder, can someone like shinki defeat her?). Code is nothing without his karma, Yes his black belt jutsu is wonderful, but would still be useless against sasuke's ameno (I know he lost it). Kashin Koji is the only one so far that'd be annoying against Any member of New/Old team 7. Daemon is still unknown.

TLDR; Amado just wants to put karma on more people. That's probably the plan. if he can do one for kawaki, he might make one for someone else. But why? we still have no idea.
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2021.11.27 08:56 hyperkid137 211127 TXT 2 #1000DaysWithTXT

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2021.11.27 08:56 tia_avende_alantin33 Dream [original]

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2021.11.27 08:56 SophiaBloom Psychological ED - my experience and attempts to remove it

TLDR: Very sexually active without a problem while younger. Got too insecure after not getting an erection a couple of times - now it is all I can think of when with a girl. Have tried meditation, hypnosis, and viagra without satisfactory results. Wondering how to reclaim confidence and remove performance anxiety.

Quick stats: 25M, generally active: gym 3-5 times a week (lifting heavy), not overweight.
I have been sexually active since age 16. Pretty much from 16-21 I would get rock hard immediately as soon as a girl touched me or at least once we started kissing. I had no problem walking up to girls, and as a result, I had a lot of one-night stands.
I had my first experience with sexual performance anxiety when I was 19, where I all of a sudden lost erection before we got into action. However, I quickly brushed it off as I had no real interest in the girl. Shortly after I got into a relationship and had amazing sex with her for the duration of the relationship (1 year).
After we broke up, I started having one-night stands again. Things would go well for the most part, but I would occasionally not get an erection while with a girl. Once it had happened 2-3 times I started becoming insecure about it. As a result, I would lose confidence and approach fewer girls. It became something I couldn't stop thinking about. I was with a girl for a couple of months, and we would have sex while drunk decently fine, but when on one occasion I couldn't get an erection, I completely lost all confidence and could not have sex with her after that (we ended our relationship shortly after).
Fast-forward to today, I have been dating a girl (21F) for 3 months now. We have had sex on multiple occasions, however, only when drunk. It goes decently well, although I have to be extremely drunk to not think about my erection at all. Usually, every time I kiss her, all my attention is on my penis, and not her. I am constantly checking if I am getting erect (which I am not because I am always checking xD). A couple of days ago I was with her sober and was meant to sleep over at her house. I knew she was expecting sex, but I quickly noticed I was too self-aware to get erect when we started kissing. Therefore, I made up an excuse and got out of there before night-time.
I am not watching much porn and I know it is a mental issue as I frequently wake up with morning wood. I do have some issues masturbating without porn, but it does work after some work. I have tried Viagra with varying effects - it has worked when I have trusted that it would, but if I am too nervous, no amount of Viagra helps.
I do have anxieties about my penis size, which is why I don't want any girl to come near my penis before I am at least somewhat erect. My erect size is quite good, but unerect it is quite small.
The approaches I have tried to combat my issues are as follows:

  1. 10-20 min meditation each day to relieve overall stress. Can't say I have been consistent with it, and I quickly forget to meditate.
  2. Hypnosis audio sessions to increase libido and reduce sexual performance anxiety. I am currently listening to some hypnosis sessions, but they have not given satisfactory results yet.
Have anyone else had a similar experience? How did you manage to reclaim your confidence and remove the performance anxiety?
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2021.11.27 08:56 Vann77 I chuckled.

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2021.11.27 08:56 KaijuNo20 Slow Control Pad Battle: Equate vs Pulsar Parabreak

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2021.11.27 08:56 flat_advisor9 Ufo and villager house

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2021.11.27 08:56 calilol28 26 days of growing mint!

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2021.11.27 08:56 PartBrief1272 Rebooking Every WWF/E PPV 2001 - 2021 Part 6: No Mercy

  1. WCW Cruiserweight Championship X-Pac(c) vs Scotty 2 Hotty vs Kidman
  2. WCW Tag Team Championships The Flock(c) vs The Hardy Boyz
  3. Women's Championship Trish Stratus(c) vs Torrie Wilson vs Stacy Keibler
  4. Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match Christian(c) vs Edge
  5. World Tag Team Championships Alliance(c) vs Big Show and Tajiri
  6. Triple H vs Booker T
  7. WCW Championship The Rock(c) vs Chris Jericho
  8. WWF Championship Kurt Angle(c) vs The Undertaker vs Steve Austin
Results 1. Scotty 2 Hotty defeated Kidman and X-Pac(c) to win the WCW Cruiserweight Championship 2. The Hardy Boyz defeated The Flock(c) to win the WCW Tag Team Championships 3. Torrie Wilson defeated Stacy Keibler and Trish Stratus(c) to win the WWF Women's Championship 4. Christian(c) defeated Edge to retain the Intercontinental Championship 5. The Alliance(c) defeated Big Show and Tajiri to retain the WWF Tag Team Championships 6. Triple H defeated Booker T 7. Chris Jericho defeated The Rock(c) to win the WCW Championship 8. Kurt Angle(c) defeated The Undertaker and Steve Austin to retain the WWF Championship
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2021.11.27 08:56 HTML1411 Why do people think they can use me?

I had a fight with someone. This guy was a friend of a friend (Let's call him CC). Of the friends I made in college, three are friends with CC. CC wants his Dec 17 bday on a beachhouse and he asked me if I can lend my uncle's beach house. A friend of mine (XV) told CC about it. YOu see, I invited XV and the rest of my classmates from the economic course to my Uncle's beach house in our senior year three years ago and it was insane. All of them found my Uncle's beach house to be very nice and elegant.
So XV told CC and CC asked me if I could ask my uncle for the beach house. I said Yes......as long as I'm invited. I mean XV and two other guys who I'm friends will be there so I thought it was fine to invite myself as leverage. CC gave in, I told my uncle, and he said yes as long as payment is made before Nov 30. I was added to the groupchat of the bday party of CC. Two days later, CC kicked me out of the group and I got mad. CC told me I asked to be invited, which he did then he UNINVITED me and CC thought it was fine. I got so pissed I told my uncle about it and he sided with me. My uncle cancelled and refunded CC's money back. CC and I argued but I found it so useless because I'm right. I'm jsut so baffled he thought he could use me but I knew how to grow a spine and argue back.
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2021.11.27 08:56 Fit_Honeydew_4671 How do automatrons manage to operate a infirmary ?

Well they are infirmary size and they are basically a spider with only 4 legs and for these reasons i cant see how they could operate a infirmary(and so Sorry for my english)
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2021.11.27 08:56 hectorbodkee Are the Champion Skins worth it? They do look cool

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2021.11.27 08:56 mjmannella Digsite Map in Jurassic World Evolution 2

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2021.11.27 08:56 coljavskiyi ✨ Metaverse Doge ✨ | The First Ever Defi Metaverse Doge | CERTIK audit DONE | Game P2E being developed | ⚡ Launching Now on BSC | Low market cap | Huge potential ✨

In a galaxy far far away on the planet Nakamoto, resides a cyber gunslinger named MetaVerse Doge and his team of Meta-Memes. Help fight away galactic scammers heading towards Nakamoto by collecting and utlilizing Meta-NFT cards.
Market cap is holding steady at 1.65m and project has not been listed yet on CMC and Coingecko, ready to explode!✨
Buy rare NFTs from our Meta Chest that are used in game. The rarer the NFT the more points you can gain!
Players who hold suitable METAVERSE DOGE NFT’s will NOT ONLY be able to invest in a unique or desirable NFT property, but will ALSO get access to the following: Common, Rare, Ultra rare and LEGENDARY.
Future marketing plans:
- Coinsniper And Coinhunter Listings
- Telegram Call Channels
- Daily Posts On Reddit Cms
- Daily Twitter Posts
- Twitter Influence+rs
- Poocoin Ads
- Cmc & Cg Application
- Dextools Trending
- Group Shilling And Contests
- Meme Contests And Giveaways
- Bsc Ads
Liquidity is locked for 3 months and LP tokens are burned forever.
Buy tax 6%
Sell tax 11%
Marketing strategies will focus on media content that will bind us into the ever-evolving fabric of the metaverse. $MVDOGE is a community driven token, to be a part of our communal web, join us on our telegram group to keep up to date with current news.
✅ Owner will video Doxx ✅
☕ NFT’S ☕
〽️ P2E Game 〽️
⚜️ 6% Buy 11% Sell ⚜️
SC 100 - HC 200!! Max 1 BNB!!
☣️ Link Buy ☣️
☢️ Contract Address: 0xf21f72686f21A5bFFF428211285a9f6FA104674D
☢️ Pancakeswap: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xf21f72686f21A5bFFF428211285a9f6FA104674D
☢️ Liquidity lock: https://www.pinksale.finance/#/pinklock/record/3692?chain=BSC

⚔️ Website: https://metaversedoge.in/
⚔️ Telegram: https://t.me/MetaVerseDogeOfficial
⚔️ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Meta\_DogeBSC
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2021.11.27 08:56 Confused-dragongirl Rating ocs.

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