my mom and her dog

2022.01.18 22:35 bennyboi0319 my mom and her dog

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2022.01.18 22:35 stillanoobummkay Will schools be closed tomorrow?

We need to be able to legally bet on stuff like this to keep sane. But seriously, thoughts?
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2022.01.18 22:35 Electrical_Picture62 I have a 2010 v6 accord …not the BEST on gas but not terrible. What are some programs i could sign up for or ways i could save on gas?

I live in ontario where gas is expensive , currently about 1.45 a litre. Ik there is some ways you can save like 5-10c a litre. Does anyone have advice for me on how i can save
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2022.01.18 22:35 Aggravating-Quit-151 How to get a Creditor to Report to all Bureaus

I'm 23 years old and I have just started working on my credit and taking it seriously. So I have opened up multiple new accounts like self, brigit, grow credit etc and doing so I have raised my credit score over 100 points in 4 months. But I realized that some creditors don't report to all 3 bureaus. Is there something I can do to get them to report everything to all 3 credit bureaus?
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2022.01.18 22:35 Darthtrina Week 1,2,&3: new, pantry busting candy recipe - salt water taffy

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2022.01.18 22:35 BlackLegSanji654 Magnetic sheet on stock Ender 3

I just got my flexible bed in, and it came with the magnetic sheet. Is the adhesive on the magnet sheet able to handle the high temps in printing and not just melt off? And if something does go wrong, how hard is it to remove the magnetic sheet? I'm just worried about screwing up my printer after I just got it.
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2022.01.18 22:35 troxie Cinder P2E NFT ☄️ Limited Supply of 4,444 Mints ☄️ Metaverse Integrated On Sol

👾 Discord:
Play to earn games have been out for a while, but this is my first time actually taking a look at them. The community at Cinder makes me feel welcomed, and I love the engagement in the Discord! I've done my research, and I'm excited to share more about this P2E NFT project by Wildworks. This game studio has been around since 2003, and has the game ready to go live.
Cinder's launch is scheduled for early February, and minting will be done through their website. The team's roadmap with constant updates is what has me excited for the future of this project. It's hype the metaverse is already created, and all this is on the Solana network. I can't wait to upload my NFT and free roam with my friends in Cinder! I'm so excited to get lost playing in this metaverse.
What makes Cinder unique is the ability to use your NFT as your own unique character in game. The worlds to explore as a free roam MMO with your friends will definitely be easy to get lost in. Not only being game ready, the team plans to have in person exclusive meet up events with the community.
With a roadmap going over all the perks of whitelist, and beta access...I'm super hype to play!
• Exclusive Beta Access to new environments and features🔥
• Claim the Community OG tag in Discord from the shop🔥
• P2E Metaverse ready to go live with Solana integration🔥
• Influencer partnerships and AMA updates from the team🔥
🚀 Invite Manager To Manage Invites To Discord🚀
✨Confirmed Scheduled Marketing For Months✨
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2022.01.18 22:35 78491488Ceasar I need a filter the water I've be drinking i'nst pure

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2022.01.18 22:35 Zoloft_XR Anyone else #teamBaga? Loved her on UK 1

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2022.01.18 22:35 TurgoLBX What’s your favorite fusion fight? This means any fight that has a fusion in it?

There r a bunch of them in the series and all of them tend to be really freaking cool. As usual, here r my family’s choices.
Me: Gogeta Vs Broly (Best animation in the series and some of my favourite music) Girlfriend: Goku vs Kefla (I’m starting to think Keflas her favourite character) Mom: Gotenks Vs Super Buu (She’s more into silliness than the really heavy stuff) Dad: Zamasu Vs Goku Vegeta and Trunk (He really likes how Zamasu truly feels like a god, basically staying in the same position the ENTIRE time) Sister: Vegito Vs Zamasu (A short and sweet fight with some badass moments that are some of her favourite moves in the series)
Now it’s your turn. What’s you favorite fight from these amazing fighters?
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2022.01.18 22:35 GroundbreakingSet187 World’s largest highboy dresser - 1300 foot entrance at Furnitureland South, North Carolina.

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2022.01.18 22:35 MrRonit This week has 3 great scout rifles available for Witch Queen Anti barrier mod!!
Guys Xur will sell the night watch on Friday (confirmed after taking him hostage at reset)
The gunsmith is selling eternal blazon currently
The nightfall is dropping hung jury
The video just explains the above, with possible god roll combinations and other ways to farm these weapons!
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2022.01.18 22:35 Kusakaru What do I do if I had a bad relationship with my previous employer and potential employers want to contact them?

I am an undergraduate student who worked in a research lab for a year and a half. It was my first time working in the research field and I was very inexperienced. I received ZERO training from my employer or other employees. I worked very hard to catch up and worked 25+ hours a week while also in school full time. My employer was the PI for our research team. She was scatterbrained and would constantly take credit for the work of her RA's. I am an excellent academic writer and she used large portions of work I wrote and did not give me any sort of credit when it was published, despite ensuring me I would be. In addition to this, she was a terrible boss. She frequently missed meetings, missed deadlines, etc. I remember one time she was hired to give a presentation on a specific topic. She asked me to make the entire presentation for her and then she presented it without even looking at it beforehand! I was the one who compiled all the information, researched the topic, etc.
Our lab was always in complete chaos. When I started we had 6 other RA's, but by the time I left I was the only one left aside from a new hire who had been there for 2 weeks. I had also taken on the assignments and work of the RA's who left.
For one of our research projects, there were supposed to be 4 other people assigned to recruitment with me. However, all 4 left and were not replaced. Recruitment for this study was further hindered by Covid-19 making in-person recruitment (which the study was designed for) impossible. We tried to salvage it through recruitment over the phone, but we were working with a protected population (children) and very few children even qualified for this kind of study. Recruitment came to a standstill. I would call every name on the eligibility list and maybe only 4 out of 40 people would pick up. Of those 4, people were rarely interested. The entire study was long/tedious and no one wanted to participate.
My boss blamed me for the lack of recruitment, and was very angry that we didn't have more people willing to participate. She became convinced I wasn't doing my job despite me documenting every little thing I did. We were paired with a research team from another university who had many more resources than us but faced the same problems. They had FOURTEEN research assistants and had only managed to recruit 2 people over 6 months from their much larger patient pool. This was clearly not an issue with me, but in the poor design of the study overall if our partner lab with more resources, more recruiting RA's, and a larger local population to recruit from, was unable to recruit anyone.
My boss was still angry with me, even though I did very well with recruitment in previous studies and had been a model employee. I never missed work, I never missed a meeting, I always completed my assignments, etc.
Eventually the stress at the lab of doing the work of all the missing RA's, the failing study, and trying to do all my own school work during a global pandemic began to eat away at me. On top of this, my grandfather died and my aunt got diagnosed with stage 4 cancer during my finals week last year. I told my boss I needed time off to grieve and focus on school so she cut my hours in half. The following week I lost a friend to suicide and needed a day off to attend his funeral.
My boss was not happy about this and said I wasn't dedicated to the job and fired me.
I was really taken aback, as I had never been fired before. My previous jobs were all in retail/food service, but my employers liked me a lot and would hire me again.
That was last April and I decided to take the summer off and to find a new job in the fall, but I had health issues. I'm better now and need to find a new employment. I have been trying to get back into research. I think I could enjoy a position as an RA under a different PI. However, every position I look at wants to contact my previous employer. It doesn't want older employers, but specifically wants to contact the one from my last job.
I don't want to leave off my research experience from a resume, as it's actually desirable in my field, but I'm scared of what my previous employer will say about me since we left on bad terms.
What can I do here?
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2022.01.18 22:35 SpcPotato Tim pokin out from his “natural” hide on the cool side

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2022.01.18 22:35 Defifarm Happy/sad birthday 🎂 Donyell Malen and Reinier as our team crashed out of German Cup trophy 🏆 😳

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2022.01.18 22:35 jeffpaapaa Wow they Deleted my post???

Wow they Deleted my post??? I had an rx 570 and I am wondering how This guy is getting 31.40mh/s and 20 watts less? What might I be doing wrong? Thanks for any help.
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2022.01.18 22:35 crwnjwl Shampoo and conditioner recommendations

I've learned so much already from this sub!
I'm starting to use fragrance free products and wanted to know what is your go-to for hair chair.
I have dermatitis and it's mostly around my hair line, neck, and 4 spots on my face.
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2022.01.18 22:35 Glittering-Feed-6393 Anyone know of any bus apps that actually track the bus around midlothian area too if possible?

normally use bus and tram app
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2022.01.18 22:35 Donny-Mac Happy Habitat, Happy Beardy :)

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2022.01.18 22:35 XoneSogie720 Does anybody know where I can find this song? (The link is to a sound testing video on the channel at a certain time)

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2022.01.18 22:35 jookco jamie vincent footballer : Cause of Death - Passed Away and Obituary News Click link to read full story.

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2022.01.18 22:35 Exotic_Law8514 [WTS] vortex diamondback 6-24x50 (MOA) BNIB [FL]

Brand new in the box never used or mounted only open to take photos of items $325 Venmo G&S VORTEX
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2022.01.18 22:35 FunnyMathematician77 I miss my little l old body

I became disabled about 5 years ago. People don't see me as disabled because I can walk although it is painful and requires a lot of effort.
I miss my body from before I was disabled because there were so many things I used to do I can no longer do. I am able to still work and have some semblance of a life, but it's very inconvenient and it bums me out a lot.
I know my life is relatively good, but it doesn't make it suck any less.
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2022.01.18 22:35 Gerdhi [Xbox] [H] Striker Og Burnt Sienna Clockworks [W] Fair offers

just getting back into this
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2022.01.18 22:35 Sharlino Collie & Girl, me (Sharlin Design), Acrylic on wood, 2022

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