15 message me I’m lonely

2022.01.18 23:26 ProfessionalAd5951 15 message me I’m lonely

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2022.01.18 23:26 Straight_Finding_756 How Apple Cracked the Indian Market

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2022.01.18 23:26 newwavegoodbye Can anyone tell me anything about this clock?

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2022.01.18 23:26 hateHypocrite Iphone SC

Can some one tell me what could possibly be iphone pro max SC ? I've researched everywhere but can't find taht SC. Is it possibly a counterfeit?
To be specific, it was just a second hand item being sold online. And that person is ok with inspection in public space .
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2022.01.18 23:26 hullopalooza You were never free. And you never realized.

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2022.01.18 23:26 Gilded_Brimstone 42M what do I rate on a scale of 1-10?

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2022.01.18 23:26 magnitorepulse How has automatic tracking been for you guys?

I ordered something via xpresspost on Jan 16 and expected it to show up on auto tracking, but can't see any updates on it.
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2022.01.18 23:26 Uhohoopsiesmybad Discover Requesting "Enhanced Verification Notarized"

I got an email from Discover stating: "Discover® Financial Services requires you to complete the Enhanced Verification Notarized form in the presence of a licensed notary at your financial banking institution to verify information on your account. The link to the form is found below. Until this verification is complete, a temporary hold has been placed on your Discover card account."
It also states that if this is not done within a certain time frame, they will close my account. Did I do something wrong? Anyone have any clue why they'd do this? I've had the credit card for about 6 months, it's a student cash back card with a $500 limit. Should I even bother going through all this for that? The only reason I would is so I could get a CLI on it, and hold onto the 5% rotating cash back.
They're requesting my last 3 bank statements to be notarized. Do they think I'm lying about my income? My problem with this is, my last 3 bank statements are going to show my lowest level of income, I caught covid, and had to transfer to a different state for the last 3 months due to family emergencies so I've had to take more time off.
Guess I'm just unlucky?
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2022.01.18 23:26 Wilde48 No parque mesmo .

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2022.01.18 23:26 916CaliKing 429 different shiny available for trade, looking for other shiny I don't have.

Am trying to complete the whole shiny dex so dm me for what you need and I'll tell you what I need.
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2022.01.18 23:26 JRLCHARTSLGBTNews Gasoline Alley Official Action Movie Trailer (2022) Bruce Willis - JRL CHARTS

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2022.01.18 23:26 -brutus74 My pups plotting against me.

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2022.01.18 23:26 Fluid-Consequence931 Trying to get out but I'm impatient and I have plenty of QUESTIONS

Hello everyone! I'm a second year teacher who is trying to get out of education because I can't afford to live in Colorado anymore with this (lack of a) paycheck. Here is some background information on me: I have a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education, a history minor, and I am certified in ESL. While this is only my second year teaching, I have been working since I was 17 (through the end of high school and all of college) and I have a good amount of experience around customer service (I was promoted to a manager the day I turned 18!) and childcare. I have some questions, and I would LOVE to hear from those who have escaped!

  1. I see a ton of veteran teachers (10+ years) getting jobs in EdTech, Instructional Design, and Learning Experience Designer roles. Would they even consider hiring a less experienced worker, or should I be aiming for different jobs entirely?
  2. Is LinkedIn the best place to find a job? Should I be adding my resume to Indeed.com? Networking is difficult when it isn't standard for educators to have a LinkedIn account!
  3. I've been told by numerous people that the cover letter is outdated...is it? Did it help you score a job? Did you write a general or specific cover letter?
  4. I'm super outgoing and personable, and I know that if I score an interview, I will be GOLDEN. Any tips or tricks to get there?
  5. How long does it take for a company to send out either a rejection or interview request email? I'm SUPER impatient and while I realize it may take a couple weeks, I'm watching the clock after 3 days lol!
  6. How long did your entire job search take? From start to finish? I'm trying not to get discouraged!
  7. For those working remotely - do you like it? I am very extroverted, but I am thinking a remote role would be perfect for me during this stage of life!
Seriously, thank you SO much! I appreciate this community more than you even know!!!
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2022.01.18 23:26 Cmyers1980 [Comic Excerpt] “Darling.” (Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #1)

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2022.01.18 23:26 CosmicPunk94 Need a soundboard to replace the one that just broke in my lightsaber

TLDR: my soundboard is buggered and I need help finding a new one that will work with my setup (specifically in regards to my pixel blade)
Hi! So I bought an Ultrasaber (yes I know, I purchased it before learning how sketchy they are), and within 5 minutes of playing with it it “died” and wouldn’t turn back on. I put the battery on the external charger, and when I put it back in the saber it started smoking. Turns out I put the battery in upside down like a total newb. Long story short, I definitely need a new sound board that is compatible with my pixel blade, and I don’t really know which ones will work with my setup and are good.
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2022.01.18 23:26 crazy_void My GF is texting me less

So we last spoke on Thursday right, early in the morning as I was clocking in. Everything is all fine. Then I get no word from her that night which is, like okay, that’s fine. Maybe she’s busy.
But I don’t get a text from her until Saturday, with her telling me that she hasn’t been up for talking that much because of Depression/ Anxiety, so if I disappear again, then that’s the reason.
I’m of course understanding but also assertive with, you should definitely say something before doing something like that.
And she continually leaves me with no other explanation and doesn’t text me anymore. I feel hopeless and sad. It’s almost been an entire week with like absolutely no conversation at all.
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2022.01.18 23:26 Texasdude_93 Reoccurring eye infection in Aussie

I need help figuring out what's going on with my dogs eye. I've been to the vet several times and been prescribed different antibiotics to topically apply to my dogs eye but nothing has helped very much. I'm considering going to a different vet at this point.
The eye has started to turn grey as if my dog is going blind. There is also a brownish tint to the eye along with some smaller red specs.
Has anyone else dealt with something similar to this with their Aussie? If so, how was it treated or cured?
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2022.01.18 23:26 Kofukura 99 F Temperature During Migraine?

Does anybody else run slightly hot when they are having a migraine? My cheeks will turn red and be flushed too. It only reaches up to 99 degrees occasionally, but when it does, it’s a bad one. It does not get high enough to technically be a low-grade fever. Am I the only one?
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2022.01.18 23:26 ThatVeryChillLad I JUST WANTED TO PLAY SOME RATE MY AVATAR...

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2022.01.18 23:26 m3n00bz Tha Darien Gap: A perilous and roadless passage for migrants between Colombia and Panama [10:48]

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2022.01.18 23:26 Nidrew This watch has been in my possession for around 30 years. I had forgotten about it until I recently got back into watches and want to try some repair and service. I think all this needs as a service as it still works. More in comments.

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2022.01.18 23:26 spoppydoggo Hi I recently bought this vft and I have no idea what to do. Online sources contradict each other on how to care for them

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2022.01.18 23:26 WholesomelyChaotic Seems like Eris's method of achieving fake crying was a little too effective, lol.

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2022.01.18 23:26 Shaynon17 What are your recommendations for a good relationship book?

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2022.01.18 23:26 amnesiac7 Meet Ruben Gallego, Kyrsten Sinema's Possible Primary Challenger

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