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My year 5 Hill-top "farm" with no crops 😅

2022.01.18 21:54 ree_006 My year 5 Hill-top "farm" with no crops 😅

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2022.01.18 21:54 MontanaCollins Looking for the brightest hanging lamp available

So I’ve got my flight time to set up and I’ve got the flightline lamps set up. But I also have a hanging light via switch that I’d like to trade out and get a ton of light out of. Anybody have any examples of what they’ve used.
I understand that it’s all about the bulb. But would like some ideas on the base in which a bulb would go into and maybe what bulbs you guys are using.
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2022.01.18 21:54 PeacefulPawz AITA For Disowning My Dad?

So... I used to have a good relationship with my dad... or... well... I suppose it was good. When I was a kid, we only saw each other every other weekend and he had always been rather self-absorbed where he'd be more focused on his music hobby than me, to where I was left to entertain myself at his place...
Still, it was at least better than what it became as I got older.
My dad is a man with a massive ego and a cocky nature about him. He likes to boast and enjoys things in life that are a bit pricier. He was the one who taught me the line that, 'you get what you pay for' and, 'if you want something to last longer, than its better to pay more for it than pay less now and more later'. Because he believed that if something was bought too cheaply than it probably wouldn't be too hardy. Tho... while I agree, as I have noticed this tends to be in case in certain areas, his ideal of being able to afford the more pricy things was probably what helped to kick his ego more when he lost his job working for HP back when I was around 14.
His pride was always a big issue for him and that mixed with his big ego was never a good thing, as my dad worked for HP through their time as Digital, to Compact, to when they finally became HP.
He worked at fixing the computers and did good work at his job. So much so, that they tried to warn him when HTML was starting to become a thing, he should look into taking classes to expand his knowledge, as did my mother. But my dad decided, he didn't NEED to advance anything, feeling he was good enough as he was.
Well... eventually, they couldn't play nice with him anymore. As much as they hated to see him go, having worked there for a quarter of a century, but because his pride and ego refused to allow him to better himself, he lost the best paying job he ever had.
Well... after that day, my dad changed. He began becoming colder and barely putting any effort into any time with him. When I was with him I felt the distance and felt like he didn't really wanna be there with me.
It started with him cutting my four dollar allowance down to two dollars, then nothing, all between still only seeing him every other weekend.
At the time, I was hurt and disappointed, but my mom just informed me I was acting selfish and that an allowance was never required, he did it to be nice. Which... at the time it was something I leaned on because my mom was poor and disabled. So the only income we got was from child support. So the allowance I got was something that was just mine and I used to treat myself.
This was just the start of the changes tho, as his whole personality seemed much colder. Much more like I was just a burden on him and like he didn't want em around.
We went from at least spending time going and doing fun things, like swimming, bike riding, hanging out at McDonalds and talking, maybe seeing a movie, or renting one, or even just playing together in my room, or watching TV together... to suddenly I was spending more and more time in my room alone like I always did after we got fully to his house and he would devote more and more time away from me to his hobby and ignoring me while I was around.
As I got older, eventually he just... stopped coming by. I got a rare visit every few months to eventually nothing for maybe a few years and each time he spent less and less time with me and more time just by himself. To where eventually he'd just grab me some groceries, dump me at his place and then leave till 3AM the next morning and crash till he had to bring me home.
Its not that he never got another job, just nothing as good as he had, but he became so bitter that he leaned more on singing for his big band group with his buddies, not even including me like he used to in it, that he lost sight of my existence entirely by the time I was 19.
Well... its been years since then. I'm 34 and disabled. I have been trying to work to get a service dog and he knows this. But his mindset is one of someone thats more of a grandpa, in that hes stuck in his mindset and doesn't grasp mental illness anymore than he had back when I was growing up... which... thats something I can get into later...
Hes asked a friend of his who works as a SD trainer at a facility, so now he thinks only professionally trained SDs are 'real' SDs. -sigh-
Anyway. I called to see how my did was to make sure he was okay because there had been so many people around me that had been getting sick. I wanted to make sure my dad was okay as I had a horrible dream of him dying. I told him what happened and he informed me he was alright, then asked how I was.
I explained about my stress and worry for my friends, as well as the stress I had been dealing with trying to get a service dog. He remarked how he remembered me telling him before how I was trying to get one and things turned bad fast...
He started to go about trying to claim that any dog I train won't be a 'real' SD as the only 'real' ones are ones trained by professionals and if that really was the case I could train my own how come I can't just 'get just any dog from a shelter'.
I tried to explain the rules SDs need to follow as well as temperament being a key thing and shelter dogs aren't a good fit for that. This lead him into eventually pressing me and accusing me of wanting to 'shack up' with my ex because he has plans to move in to help me with bills after hes in better health. He also started disrespecting my mental health, yelling at me about, how I, 'should take responsibility for my own actions, instead of expecting others to get me out of trouble'.
I shouted back, 'And who the h### do you think I'm trying to get to bail me out of WHAT?' He yelled back, 'Well now I wanna know! You tell me, WHO?!' So I responded back with shouting, 'F###### not YOU!' He shouted back a, 'Well GOOD!'
His disrespect and attitude of snapping on me for no reason pissed me off so much, I shouted, 'You know, I called you to see how you were, not to beg you for money but since you wanna be a f##### a$$hole!!' and hung up.
Mind you, this man blamed my ex(who is not the reason mind you), for me needing a SD because HE couldn't remember all the abuse I went through as a child with my peers(again... another story...). But its not my fault he never paid attention to me and what I was going through! Its not my or my ex's fault for him choosing to fade out every bad part of my life because his ego and pride refused to see anything as wrong for all these years.
I need a SD because of abuse I dealt with growing up from childhood up to adulthood, which still is ongoing of the pain, betrayal, lies, manipulation, ect. that has made me terrified of people and between the PTSD and my Aspergers mixing together in a horrible way to make me Depression, Anxiety and Social PTSD meld into a horrible mess.
I blocked my dad's number after I hung up, tho not his e-mail as my folks told me I should write him out a massive e-mail getting everything out to him on how hes made me feel through the years, then block the e-mail... I... I dunno if I should or not, but if I cut ties with my dad and disown him... and heck... even just... how I reacted... I need to know. AITA?
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2022.01.18 21:54 HeavyMetalSasquatch Why did you end up in a neighbour war and who won?

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2022.01.18 21:54 HungHammer89 This game is taking over my mind. I can’t put it into words. I’ve never felt this way about a video game before.

So, I’m a video game novice. I only played OOT, MM, SS, grand theft auto, red dead redemption, and sports games like NBA 2K. That’s it. Go easy on me.
Ive noticed that being naked versus wearing travelers pants, or a Hylian tunic is no different from being naked. Why? Surely wearing clothes will make Link less cold.
Any tips on weather? I don’t have many rupees to be able to buy the crazy expensive clothes or the materials to make the elixirs.
Or is that the whole point of the game?
If so, it’s a hard and difficult game but holy shit, I’m immersed. This is not good for my ADHD. At ALL. My wife has yelled at me for “playing too much Zelda” when in the past, like with SS, she liked playing it with me and solving puzzles for me.
This game is dangerous. I think about it all day. Like how to be able to explore the gerudo highlands after making many cold resistant elixirs, then once I get there, I find many things to do.
Just WTF.
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2022.01.18 21:54 RraaLL Happy 40k to r/uBlockOrigin~

It's been about a year since we hit 30k. I wonder if we'll also make it to 50k this year?
I'm glad to see the community growing.
Thanks to gorhill and all the volunteers for their time and effort that keep the extension always improving.
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2022.01.18 21:54 fanficwriter1994 Why Dragonball?

Why is Dragonball haunting the random rolls I'm making?
Dragonball, Toriko, Read or Die
Kerbal Space Program, The Idolm@ster, Cortex Command
Runescape, A Spartan's War, Dragon Ball Grand Tour
THe shocking part about those is, the first one? There Dragonball is the best option for once! And DBGT is the only one I know jack shit about in the third set!
Why do I keep rolling 33Xs on Random.org?
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2022.01.18 21:54 YYZ_74 Portable Projector for Outdoor Movies When Camping?????

I'm feeling lost in my google searches, hoping someone here can help me. Looking for a reasonably (ideally under $400, or cheaper) projector that I can use with iPhone/iPad to view downloaded movies, or stream directly if I have decent wireless signal on my phone when we are camping.
Any suggestions?
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2022.01.18 21:54 deadwinged FT: In pics, LF: In comments

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2022.01.18 21:54 iwishiwasatabbycat What makes a husband happy?

I f(40) have been living with my bf m(40) for about 3 1/2 years. He works long hours and has a stressful job. I already do the majority of the cleaning, cooking and grocery shopping. I do projects around the house. I want to do things to make him noticeably happy. He was excited when I bought a new slush scooper for ice fishing (my son lost the previous one down the hole) and bragged when I bought new winter boots (my last ones were wearing out, but they were great 10 yes ago). I cook his favorite foods, keep the house clean, I make sure he always has beer and whiskey. I've bought him flowers, tools... I regularly tell him he's cute or handsome, that I love him, that I appreciate him. I always thank him for cleaning up, making dinner or helping out. We have sex at least twice a week. What else do men want?
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2022.01.18 21:54 ctsgaming Soundblaster AE9 vs AE7 vs G6 For sennheiser hd 800s?

I currently am looking to upgrade audio for gaming. I have the HD 800 S headphones they sound amazing. I currently have an a Zeus dark hero motherboard which support 600 ohm audio at 32 bit. Although it does sound good many are saying that these two options I mention would still be better and I'm just curious which one would be the better choice and if they would be sufficient for my headphones. Unless you guys have another recommendation in the price range between 100 and $300.
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2022.01.18 21:54 Team_Balancing notify me

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2022.01.18 21:54 MyGoosebumps21 Meta-analysis???

Has anyone brought up the subject of the meta analysis that recently came to light? Who asked for it? Cytodyn or did Cytodyn tell the FDA that some trial or Leronlimab use somewhere is doing really well and Leronlimab is showing good efficacy. Then did the FDA say… well if that’s the case then we will allow you to combine trials to get p value strength like we needed all along.
Then Nader said FDA would allow our Brazil trials also in the meta analysis. Nader then told us we were asking Anvisa soon if they will do the same.
The question is why now? Where is this coming from? Could this be the anecdotal Philippines patients driving this? Is this the same as saying… anecdotal don’t just come off life support?
I would like to hear some opinions on where we think this might be coming from. Because this sounds like the FDA is ready to finally help us. Did the mTNBC trial and the anecdotal 350mg Nash open trial results wake up the FDA and we finally have them in our corner and trying to help us? Could this be to good to be true? Am I dreaming? Should I pinch myself?
What does everyone think about this?
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2022.01.18 21:54 AngelStar291 Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy Stream #1

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2022.01.18 21:54 guigouz13 Qui pour se branler ensemble sur les nudes vos soeur/mère/cousine?

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2022.01.18 21:54 found_dead_in_hotel As a man trying to attract a girlfriend I don't feel like my offer if very enticing.

It's kind of like asking "Hey, does anyone out there want to suck my dick... FOR FREE?"
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2022.01.18 21:54 TightBeing9 My girl

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2022.01.18 21:54 marrlii AUS player looking for others to raid with

Know the game very well, 4th wipe. Not great at pvp solo. Tired of there being one more player in their team when I didn’t think there was.
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2022.01.18 21:54 KnightOfSAO Maybe Mike badal was right we shouldn't have dug that deep

I just think that maybe Michael was right or Mr badal but maybe he was right we shouldn't have kept digging and now he's uncovered this this could be very bad
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2022.01.18 21:54 Razorflare12 Uhm, will the crane get this out

Uhm, will the crane get this out So, will the crane be able to get this out of the river?
New player here, and im really enjoying what this game has to offer. Its a nice change of pace from shooters and survival/zombie games.
Thought id share this little "oh Sh!&" moment. Had a cruise on and went to look something up on google. came back to my new Truck and water trailers, diving for fish with out me.
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2022.01.18 21:54 Big_Bazus I have 4

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2022.01.18 21:54 StellarGravityWell Meet The Uesugis

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2022.01.18 21:54 MahtMan Moderna no longer used to vaccinate under-31s

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2022.01.18 21:54 ToneDawgCR9 Receiver/HDMI help - Yamaha RX-V575

So I just purchased an Xbox Series X and want to be able to play in 4K (console supports 4K @120fps refresh and I want to take advantage of it's capabilities). I have a 4K TV that is capable of 4K but only @60fps...so I'm limited there.
However I have a receiver for my sound system that I use as the central hub for everything. I'm concerned that when I plug my Xbox X into the receiver it won't support what I need since it is about 8 years old and was designed with HDMI 1.4 (though the manual says it supports 4K video).
Receiver: Yamaha RX-V575
Anyone know if I'll get 4K at 60 or if I need to upgrade my receiver too?
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2022.01.18 21:54 healthyfit_01 Update to GUI

Hi guys, does anyone know if you can download the latest GUI update without having to re download the whole new file from getmonero ?
The reason why I ask, is because I haven’t received a prompt to download it internally and I have the older version.
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